About Us

We have a dedicated team of ex-HMRC inspectors to get you through the liquidation process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Tim Hammond

I joined Makes Sense Accountants to be able to make a better and noticeable difference for clients. I love finding out what people are looking to achieve in life and business and then tailoring accounting solutions for them. When doing this I have one thing in mind; helping to create a structure for the client so they can afford the lifestyle they deserve.

Tim has worked within Financial Services and Accounting since 2001 including working with HMRC on VAT investigations. He is a specialist in International Taxation Experience, International PEO Employment Solutions as well as in providing solutions for contractors and limited companies.

Tofail Rahman

I set up Make Sense Accountants in order to offer a more specialised, effective and efficient level of accountancy and tax planning services. After having noticed that a lack of communication between accountants and their clients resulted in clients paying out more tax than necessary, I became determined to provide a second-to-none service to my clients, where their business success and financial growth became my priority.

Tofail is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant with over 14 years of experience in accountancy and taxation. He has worked alongside former Inspectors or Taxes gaining invaluable insights of inner HMRC workings, which he utilises to support clients through tax challenges and steer clear from possible investigations.