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Our team has extensive experience in the hospitality and leisure sector across multiple business’, all focussed on building great marketing plans that consistently exceed sales targets.

This course has been proven to work for businesses just like yours and whatever your experience to date, we guarantee that it will change the way you work and the financial performance of your operation. We focus on the financial results, making the you, as a course delegate and your company, a great return on this investment.

How does double-digit growth sound to you?

We have had companies of all sizes taking the course – from trainees to senior executives allowing the skills learned here to be used daily by operators. The reviews we have had are excellent and it’s great to see the uplifted financial performance. The average uplift per individual unit has been £20k after only 3 months.
Course Delegates who have experienced the benefit from this course:

Operators – Business Owners – Marketing Teams – Sales Teams – Senior Executives – Finance Teams – Graduates

Hospitality & Leisure Sector Training

Generating Customers & Making Money by Effective Marketing .Grow your sales and profit with action plans to deliver double-digit growth.

£ 199

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Customers & Making Money by Effective Marketing

  • Grow your sales and profit with action plans to deliver double-digit growth
  • Grow the quality of your loyal customers
  • Obtain higher food & beverage sales

Training modules cover the following key areas:

  • The role of sales & marketing
  • Marketing in a local area
  • Money making ideas
  • Communicating with customers
  • Sales planning

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What Our Clients Have to Say

The course "Generating Guests" was implemented in All Bar One over three years for the general managers. The course content was delivered in down-to-earth communication that showed the basic disciplines in Marketing and Sales development with great innovation for my teams.

The retail business managers (RBMs) were able to measure success from the day the courses were implemented. One of the best results from a London All Bar One saw a weekly uplift of £1700 just from their business alliances.

The course delivered a ROI of 15 times and one site delivered a £40k uplift, with all sites showing a 20% uplift in footfall. The course in this digital or online format will be a great tool for senior operational managers - 'armoury to develop their teams and brands'
Mark Millet
M & B Operations Director, ALL BAR ONE
I have used the course in both our leased and tenanted business and managed business in London.

Through a series of workshops, we ran courses for our Publicans and created barrelage growth competitions with simple prizes.

We saw over 23% increases in volume on average and real engagement.

This was also rolled in to cutting edge gastro sites (Hippo Inns - Operated by Rupert Clevely & one of our managed investment vehicles) the impact on engagement, and the way they were given the tools to mine the local market was profoundly impactful.

The material is delivered in a fun, engaging and simple to follow and it supported our operators - the ROI made this course a 'no brainer'
Nathan Wall
Operations Director, EiG Managed Investments
Founder of Seed Hospitality. Passionate about hospitality.

If you want to learn every aspect to improve a business this course is definitely the one for you.

I worked for a high end restaurant chain and had the opportunity to go on to this eye-opening course and still use the techniques and marketing strategies today with my own business.

If you think you have tried every marketing technique, THINK AGAIN!

From 'Money Makers' and the 'menu of events' idea's on the course I was able to give my business (35%) sales uplift !
Jamie Wray
Operations Director of Venture Restaurants
The "Footfall - Generating customers/guests" course saw a 12 times ROI on the investment I made as Director of Managed Houses for SA Brain and as Retail Director for M & B Ember Inns.

The Courses were full of great, no-jargon business development information, enabling management teams to develop their business quickly and cost effectively.

One well-established unit in SA Brain delivered a 32% sales uplift year on year post course with zero investment.

A course message of "Making money by marketing well" has worked well for me.
Nolan Spratt
M & B Retail Director, Ember Inns

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