Multisend is a tool for distributing Ethereum, Tron or EOS tokens to multiple addresses from a CSV file

Distribute EOS tokens in 3 simple steps

  • Step one:

    Connect to Metamask

  • Step two:

    Add Addresses

  • Step three:

    Authorize and send

Instuctions - How does it work?

Make sure your wallet is on Ethereum Mainnet

Select the token you wish to send from the drop down menu

Click upload CSV and select your airdrop list (format must be address then balance separated by a comma and in the same column)

Click Approve (This will prompt a transactions in your wallet to approve amount you want to send.)

Check the airdrop summary

Click send

Airdrop sending screen showing txids

Free Calculator

Rate: 0.035 EOS/1-200 addresses

Fees: 0.06 EOS

Referral System

Earn EOS by referring people to

Add your EOS address and click generate to generate your unique referral link

You will earn 0.01ETH every time someone sends tokens using with your referral link

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