Interactive quizzes - really nice and easy-to-use [live MCQ questions] platform. It was great to have some insider tips about OSCE and how best to make use of time for preparing and also whilst actually in the stations. Very useful handout to read before hand and great use of time over the two days spread over the topics. Really appreciated it thank you so much!!! Fantastic weekend thank you! (5/5 - excellent)

Sophia Cotterell T year (3) SGUL

The weekend was highly informative and provided a fantastic framework on which to build my revision. The resources sent to us were great and Deeban [Dr Ratneswaran] was a wonderful speaker and impressed me with his continually high energy levels! Would highly recommend. I will be sure to recommend this course to 2nd years and I would like to say again how useful I found this weekend, excellent work Deeban! (5/5 - excellent).

Amal Boulbadaoui, year 3, KCL

Really concise, gave a really great overview of what will come up in exams, gave us confidence that we are still learning and gave us lots of useful visual analogies to explain physiology - I hope to never forget these. I have recommended this to my medical student “children” to come next year. (5/5 - excellent)

Gabrielle Sanders, MBBS 3 KCL

A very helpful interactive course. Full of different ways of learning to suit everyone! Thank you for making sure we know the key information for our exams! It was very interactive and covered key subjects, was very fun too. A big thankyou! (5/5 - excellent)

Paige Bishop, T year, SGUL

I was at the Essential Medicine course weekend just gone. I'm emailing you but for the sole reason to say that honestly I think you were brilliant and possibly one of the best teachers I've come across. Good summaries, explained concepts very well. Learnt more than I did in 2 years. What did you like the most? Deeban's [Dr Ratneswaran's] bantz. (5/5 - excellent)

Mariam Barreh, King's College London

“Great course! I've learnt loads. The teaching on management and guidelines has been particularly helpful for me since i didn't get very much of this across rotations. I like how it's very exam focused [with] an overview of all core topics, varied learning styles, and a focus on high yield topics.” (5/5- excellent)

Jess, medical student, London

Good use of questions to demonstrate clinical scenarios and promote discussion. This was useful and broke things up. Enthusiasm of tutor [Dr Ratneswaran] was excellent and never waned which helped to maintain interest and attention - lots of useful ways to learn included such as mneumonics and hyperkalaemia dance. Thank you! this will massively help to direct my own learning and was a good recap of a lot of information in a short period of time. It was very obvious a lot of time and effort had gone into preparing the course and materials which aided engagement and learning. Thank you!

Year 3 (third) medical student

Completely satisfied with the course, great value for the money, felt that I learned more in two days than in the past 4 months. What did you like the most? Interactive questions with discussion on right and wrong answers. (5/5 - excellent)

Year 3 medical student